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>> al: second and 27. this time it is caught by floyd and they get about 22 of those 27 back and now you have another flag. back at the 33 yard line. >> referee: holding, number 61 offense. ten-yard penalty. second down. >> al: that is nick hardwick, the center. >> cris: san diego fans will be looking for the replacement officials. >> al: yes, they will be. >> cris: don't have to circle hardwick battling one-on-one and got a little tug of the jersey. wow. just huge plays being taken off the board one after another! >> al: and the chargers are thinking where was the interference call that wasn't called on the interception? >> cris: wow. second and 37 after they hit two of the biggest plays of the night.
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>> al: from the 28 yard line. rivers deep down field and another flag is thrown and the ball is going to wind up on the ground at the 22. intended for meachem. jenkins was back there. here comes another call. >> cris: you can hope that -- >> al: which is an automatic first down. even a five yard defensive foul penalty is an automatic first down. >> referee: illegal use of hands. hands to the face, number 95 defense. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: that is the way you get to a first down off a second and 37. >> cris: martez wilson. man, oh, man. what a bizarre ending to this one. martez wilson right in there is
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where that happened. here he comes right at you. hands to the face. good call. >> al: from second to 37 to a first down. to give san diego life. still 67 yards away. 1:30 and have all of their time-outs. and rivers will throw and that is ronnie brown and brown will spin his way for a first down. stays inbounds. >> cris: ronnie brown has some nice open-field moves. he has made people miss consistently on this drive. may want to try to get him the ball a little more often. >> al: chargers elect to keep all of their time-outs but taking a lot of time off the clock here. and now a conference with cheffers. because did he pick up the first down is the question. it was first down. it was -- now he looks at it. yeah, 11-yard gain so, obviously, it's a first down but
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there's some question -- and then norv turner is saying, put the time back on the clock! here is the end of the play. here is brown. he spins. he rolls. he has the first down. turner doesn't get the time back on the clock. the pass to the outside. and that is floyd and floyd will stay inbounds. >> cris: that's horrible. >> al: at the 49 yard line and now they are compelled to take a time-out. >> cris: almost like he thought he was out of bounds. >> michele: second time-out. >> cris: he did try to get out of bounds, i'll say that for him. but nice job by johnny patrick to keep him from that. a good play and the forward momentum, a good play on that one. >> al: right. acrobatic catch by floyd. >> cris: he is driving him backwards. official blew the whistle. properly called. >> al: not according to turner. second down and two.
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the ball is at the 49 of the saints. >> cris: this is good stuff. >> al: 53 seconds. two time-outs. over the middle. it's caught at the 44. a short gain. malcolm floyd to the 43. that moves the chain. clock still running. inside 40 by the time they get this one snapped. the ball is at the 43 yard line. rivers, a little dump-off. and that is going to take it to the 33 for brown and they are going to have to take a time-out here and they do. so 28 seconds remaining. one time-out left.
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and they have to navigate 33 yards. >> cris: one thing that philip rivers and norv turner do a great job of is using that motion to help them determine if it's man or zone. you can see them that time when they put somebody in motion, if there was someone trailing them, they went to their man route. if not, they went to their zone guy. but now the clock is ticking and all that back and forth on those penalties ate up precious time for the san diego chargers. >> al: at the 33. meachem and royal come to the right. floyd to the left. the pass is incomplete. he had gates over the middle and gates is screaming that he was held. no flag.
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>> cris: well, gates is going to give it the arm over. he is sick of this. watch this. harper is on him and he says get off of me. like a post man in basketball. he said you called me. let's call it both ways but there was no foul there. >> al: second and ten. the pass is incomplete. pressure was put on and that time, it was martez wilson who knocks rivers to the turf. rivers gets up and looks for a flag and gets none. and it's third down and ten. >> cris: march tells wilson coming off the edge here and not sure whether or not ryan mathews is supposed to get a tip, but i'll tell you, gaither looks lame. he is going to have to get some help here or wilson is going to get a sack to end this game. they have to realize now that
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jared gaither is really hurting. don't know if his back is locked up or gate but having a tough time moving and they put gates that way. >> al: ronnie brown in the backfield on third and ten. and rivers is going to lose the ball! and you called it! it's martez wilson coming around for the sack and fumble and the exclamation point on this one. >> nobody saw it. the play before, he couldn't move. right here going to come around and gaither, watch him. he just can't move. he is limping out there. he is doing his best. he should have turned around to philip rivers and said, either i've got to go out or you have to get me help on this side. he didn't do it and martez wilson made him pay. >> al: that is the hat trick for a defender. you get a sack, a forced fumble, and a recovery.
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and the saints finally get off the schneid before their bye week and they go to 1-4. so a big night for brees. payton is able to look on. and the history making night and a victory for the home team over the san diego chargers who now go to 3-2. and only the chargers, since 1933, have started a season 0-4 and gone to the playoffs a that is the mountain that they will try to climb. norv turner congratulating drew brees on a record setting night in which not only does he extend the streak but throws four touchdown passes and 370 yards. the wendy's postgame report is coming up on the other side of the break. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china,
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and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. new orleans wins it 31-24. that drops san diego to 3-2. the saints keep their admittedly slim playoff hopes alive with their first victory of the year. they are 1-4 heading into their bye week. four touchdown passes for drew brees. the first one broke johnny unitas record and 48 touchdown passes in consecutive games. he is on the field with michele tafoya. >> michele: a big night for you personally, drew. let's start with the win that i
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know was so important to this team. you guys felt like you were close and gelted felt like you were getting there. what put you over the top tonight? >> we finally put together a complete team effort for all four quarters. i can't say enough about the guys in our locker room. obviously, we have been through a lot earlier this year but hung together and hopefully, this is the first of many wins. it could come at no better fashion than on "sunday night football." going into the bye week, hopefully, we will get healed up and ready on a streak here. >> michele: speaking of streaks. 48 straight games with a touchdown pass. breaking johnny unitas records. what is it about this record that means the most to you? >> so many things. first of all, it's a team record. it's not an individual record. so many people were responsible for this on our team, coaches, people within our organization. certainly the man who held this record, johnny unitas, stands for everything that is great about this league and really one of the pioneers of this game. hi a chance to meet his son this
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week, joe unitas. that was a special, special treat. obviously, feeling that we had their blessing and support in us breaking this record and couldn't have happened in a better way. >> michele: you said it's a team win and so many people involved. you asked the commissioner for special permission to have sean payton, along with mickey loomis and joe vitt here. how do you think payton's presence in the building tonight might have impacted this team and this performance? >> gave us some good mojo for sure. i love my coach. i love my coach. so glad he could be here. mickey, joe vitt as well. special for our team. special that they could be a part of this night with the record. just overcome with emotion right now. but, hopefully, it's the first of many opportunities we have of things like this as a team. >> michele: drew, is it a little bit sweeter that this came against the team that drafted you and then let you go, the chargers? >> yeah. i figured you guys are no
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dummies when you scheduled this on "sunday night football," week five. to be honest, with you i didn't think twice about it when tefs on the schedule the start of the year and then the talk of the record came you and what do you know? we are playing the chargers on "sunday night football." like i said it couldn't have been a sweeter night. >> michele: congratulations, drew. >> thank you. >> michele: bob? >> our thanks to you, michele and drew brees. we shift to new york and welcome in tony dungy. your reaction to tonight's game and drew brees record setting performance. >> well, congratulations to drew. it was a great performance. we said in the pregame show that the saints have the talent to turn this thing around to get on a streak and if they do and get back in the playoff hunts, the biggest play of their season may be something that not they did, but san diego did. melvin ingram makes a great inside move and causes an interception but unfortunately leads with his helmet. this would have put them 17 points down but the roughing the passer call gave new orleans a
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shot to get back in it and drew brees took it from there. that could be the biggest play of the saints season. >> a pass interference call later in the game against gates negated a big gain for the chargers when they were on their way back. >> yeah. two big penalties that i'm sure san diego will be looking at during the week. but they had their opportunities and you have to give new orleans credit for take advantage. >> elsewhere, two big name rookies were in the spotlight today. for different reasons. andrew luck and rg3. >> yes, the two top two picks in the draft and we saw what makes these guys special. andrew luck was sensational today. bringing them back 18-point deficit. the leadership, the will to win, all of the things that his teammates really feed on. and i just thought he was sensational. the start of a really great career and i know the colts are just excited to have him there. robert griffin iii started out a
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little bit faster than luck. had that big game opening day and this is the thing that they are doing with him. they are getting him out of the pocket on design plays and he is going to have to do this more, bob. he is going to have to run out of bounds, know when the play is over and not try to make every play a touchdown. he got hurt today. and i think he is going to learn from that, but these two young men are going to be great quarterbacks in the league for a long time to come. >> well, the last thing you mentioned ties into the first thing. we will talk to mike florio about. here is mike from pro football talk who will take us through the day's injuries which includes the concussion suffered by robert griffin iii. >> tony mentioned that injury to griffin. now the league is looking into whether or not the redskins violated the injury reporting rules by failing to disclose during the game that griffin had suffered a concussion. all of the redskins said is that griffin was shaken up. in kansas city, quarterback matt cassel also suffered a concussion. after the game, starting tackle eric winston called out the fans who actually cheered when cassel
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left the game with an injury. for the steelers, who got a big win today against the eagles, they have a short week to turn it around on a thursday night and they are missing possibly two of their starting defense players, troy polamalu who returned from an aggravated calf injury and returned from that injury today and lamarr woodley suffered a hamstring injury, the outside linebacker. >> folks, get the latest nfl news and information from mike florio all week long by tuning into the all new pro football talk which airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday on the nbc sports network. al and cris back to wrap things up from new orleans after this. . uuuhhh! leave ordinary behind with wendy's new bacon portabella melt. applewood smoked bacon, rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce.
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how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. they too pretty and don't want it like we do. >> a franchise with expectations on the rise. >> touchdown, texans! >> another with a glamorous past. the fire power to further its history.
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>> touchdown. >> next week, shotgun loaded and ready to fire. on "sunday night football." to follow-up on that promo, we go to houston first time we have seen the texans in seven years of "sunday night football." so we have maybe undefeated texans. they still have to play the jets tomorrow night to go undefeated into the game next week. but now, all of a sudden, story becomes the green packers who find themselves in dire straits at the moment. >> everything that happened in seattle and that situation. but today, they have nobody to blame. they had a huge lead in that football game. defensively you think, oh, bois let's just turn it over to dom capers and the guys and they can't hold it. they are going to have their hands full next week too.
11:51 pm
you'll see a guy in j.j. watt i think so far is the defensive player of the year. he has been simply dominant down there for wade phillips and company. it's going to be a fantastic game. >> green bay 15-1 last year. you forget about that and, all of a sudden, the texans and the atlanta falcons are the only undefeated teams in the national football league. saints, meanwhile, make the cleveland browns the only winless team in the league as they get off the schneid with a victory tonight in new orleans. over the san diego chargers. now al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya, our gang headed by fred dugelli and the guys in the truck, saying good night from new orleans. . ♪
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>> many nats fans here say they have tickets to wednesday's game and they're already looking
11:59 pm
forward to seeing the nats play at home at nats stadium. in northwest washington darcy spencer, news 4. >> and speaking of wednesday, the d.c. department of transportation's getting ready for thousands of those fans to converge on nationals park wednesday. ddot will have officers ready to direct traffic in and out of the stadium. they are encouraging people to use metro if possible and also get there early. parking rules will be strictly enforced. and after the game turns will be restricted on m street and south capital street to try to keep traffic moving. the same rules will apply if the nats play thursday and friday. is on top of all the playoff fever in washington and baltimore. you can go there for schedules, photos, stories, and more as both teams make their way through the division series. well, the o's-yankees game was delayed by rain. it was cold and it was damp around here. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell's here now. the rest of the work week looking any better, chuck? >> a little better there.
12:00 am
baseball fever just to stay warm tomorrow morning. it's going to be our coldest start since late april here in the nation's capital. temperature already down to 49 degrees as of midnight. that's the first time we've been below 50 at national airport since april the 28th. no more rain left on storm 4 radar. frost and freeze advisories out now just to the west of winchester, virginia into the mountains of west virginia. so do expect it to be cold. not every school is closed tomorrow. so the bus stop forecast, 38 to 45 degrees. quite chilly. a few breaks of sunshine early tomorrow, but more drops ahead, and a little bit of a warm-up, too. all of that coming up. jim? >> thank you, chuck. a developing story in bladensburg tonight. a man recovering after being shot by police. officers were called to the 3500 block of 55th avenue after a woman reported being threatened. police arrived, spoke with her. not long after that an officer says a man with a knife approached him outside. >> the officer confronted the suspect, gave him several verbal
12:01 am
commands and ordered him to drop the knife. the suspect refused to comply with those orders. and in fact advanced on the officer. the officer, fearing for his life, fired his issued firearm and struck the suspect. >> police say that man is expected to survive, is in stable condition right now at a local hospital. talk about a shock. an alexandria man wakes up to find a dead body on his doorstep. police were called to the 5400 block of broodmoor street early this morning with a report of a disturbance. 30-year-old mark earl ives was found dead outside a home there. police are only say he had trauma to his upper body. there have been no arrests, but they don't believe there's any threat to the community. police are still investigating but believe the killer likely knew the victim. the pharmacy that distributed thing steroid lifrnlgd to the deadly meningitis outbreak has voluntarily recalled all of its products now. the new england compounding center says the move is just a precaution and says there's no indication any other products
12:02 am
were contaminated. there are now 91 confirmed cases much fungal meningitis spanning nine states. seven people have died, including one person in maryland and another in virginia. both presidential candidates on the campaign trail this weekend. president obama in los angeles tonight, raising some money at some star-studded events. first he spoke at a fund-raising concert, followed by -- following performances by jon bon jovi, stevie wonder, and katy perry. he praised the musicians and also poked a little fun at himself and his recent debate performance. >> and everybody here is incredible professionals. they're such great friends. and they just performed flawlessly. night after night. i can't always say the same. >> tonight the president attended a $25,000-per-person fund-raising dinner. he'll leave for san francisco tomorrow before flying to ohio on tuesday. mitt romney, meanwhile, will deliver a major foreign policy
12:03 am
speech tomorrow at the virginia military institute. he's been critical of obama policies on israel, iran, and libya. virginia, meanwhile, continues to play a huge role in the presidential campaign. after governor romney's speech tomorrow first lady michelle obama will be in loudoun county coming up on tuesday. and virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate tomorrow. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc "wall street journal" marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49% to 44%. "meet the press's" david gregory motd moderated their first debate last month. news 4's aaron gilchrist and julie carey were panelists. new details tonight in a story we brought you last week. that dog that disappeared after a violent early morning attack in northeast has now been found. back on friday a woman was walking murray when she says a jogger started yelling at her, claiming murray bit him. she says the man grabbed murray's leash and he slipped out of his collar and then
12:04 am
disappeared. that's when she says the man turned on her, grabbing her and sexually assaulting her. she screamed for help, and the man ran off. today the washington humane society found murray. he has a broken leg but is expected to be okay. some good news to start off your work week. finding a parking spot will be a lot easier thanks to the columbus day holiday. in the district residential parking restrictions being suspended because of the holiday. in arlington and alexandria there will also be no park fees. same goes for prince george's county. but you will still have to pay to park in montgomery county. schools and county offices are both open with normal hours. parking's being enforced in anne arundel and howard counties as well. many d.c. bars will be open well into this morning. they're testing a plan designed to bring in millions in revenue from alcohol sales. the district granted 42 bars and restaurants extended hours for nights before federal and district holidays. and with columbus day tomorrow those
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